SlowChallo can easily adjust the tempo of any audio or video music file. There is a loop function to help you work through the difficult passages you encounter. The app also has quad-screen capability, which allows any performer to see and hear how their part relates to the other instruments of an ensemble. As a vocalist you can use SlowChallo to change the key of any song to fit your vocal range.

For example, let’s say you have the 1st violin part of a piece of music written for a string quartet. You will be able to practice your part at the speed you would like. Using the quad-screen function gives you the ability to play along with the 2nd violin, viola and the cello at the same speed that you have set for yourself.

This functionality can apply to percussion ensembles, jazz, rock or pop bands, symphonic bands or any situation that has up to four different parts being played at one time.

SlowChallo has all the features you need to master any piece of music that you would like to play:

  • Real-time speed and pitch controls
  • Quad-screen capability
  • Adjust tempo +/- 100%
  • Adjust pitch +/- 8 semi-tones
  • Loop an entire piece or just certain sections
  • Save your changes to your phone
If you are in search of the perfect music app to hone your craft, then look no further. SlowChallo is the app for you.